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Conditions for vehicle reservation and rental

• The driver must be at least 21
• Valid driver's license, ID card, or passport in the name of the driver
• Driver with at least two years of driving experience
• Credit card in the name of the driver (or in the name of another person present at the vehicle pickup), which is necessary for pre-authorization of funds as guarantee for rental payment
and/or any fees or costs (fees for cleaning and carwash, lack of fuel, unpaid parking tickets, traffic violations, etc.)

How to book your vehicle

  • • Online through our website
  • • E-mail to
  • • Calling any of our numbers:
    +387 33 721 470
    +387 33 721 496
    +387 61 245 345
    +387 61 247 246

Fuel tank rules

• Vehicles are issues with a full fuel tank
• When returning the vehicle, the level of fuel needs to be the same as the level at pickup
• In case the fuel level is not the same as the level at pickup, the missing fuel will be charged to the client at the relevant pricelist together with a fuelling service of 25 KM incl. VAT

Additional drivers

• The vehicle can also be operated by another person, but that person needs to be registered on the rental agreement as the additional driver
• Additional drivers have to be registered in our branch offices at the time of pickup. In that case a fee is charged for each additional driver as specified in the pricelist.


• The reservation can be cancelled through our website or over the phone no later than 48 hours before the rental start time.

Payment methods

By renting our vehicles and services you accept the General Rental Terms and Rental Agreement Conditions that regulate all rights and obligations of AC Quattro Rent and rent a car customers.
Payment methods:
1. Cash payments in local currency (BAM)
2. Payments to our account (bank transfers or e-banking)
3. On-line payments with credit and debit cards
4. Our website for online payments.


Do you have any questions? CONTACT US

AC Quattro Rent is a car rental company and an integral part of AC Quattro d.o.o. locally owned group that is an authorized Volkswagen sales and service center in BiH, with more than 25 years of experience in the car market. AC Quattro Rent offers rental services for cars of various categories up to premium class vehicles. Our vehicles are mostly new or newer production, mostly from the group of Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda, and Seat. All our vehicles meet Euro 6 standards, are equipped with additional equipment, and there is also the possibility of renting a child seat, Garmin navigation and Wi-Fi devices for mobile internet. In addition to quality vehicles and high safety and service standards of our vehicles, we offer affordable long-term car lease, delivery to the client's address in Sarajevo, as well as pick-up and return of vehicles in our business units Sarajevo Airport and Tuzla Airport.

  • Address: 71000 Sarajevo, Put života 1
  • Phone number: +387 33 721 470
  • Cell number: +387 61 245 345 - Availability 24/7 - 7 days a week
  • E mail:
  • Work time MON-FRI: 08:00 - 17:00
  • Work time SAT: 08:00 - 14:00